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Using a third-person perspective, the combat in Origins is largely similar to Bio Ware's previous game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.The player and any companions in their party engage in combat with the weapons they have equipped when the player targets or is noticed by a hostile enemy.

Strength inflicts more damage, dexterity helps evade attacks more often, willpower increases stamina, magic increases spell damage or magic defense, cunning improves combat tactics, and constitution helps withstand attacks.

Dragon Age: Origins is a role-playing game developed by Bio Ware and published by Electronic Arts.

It is the first game in the Dragon Age franchise, and was released for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3, and Xbox 360 in November 2009, and for OS X in December 2009.

Thedas is a world in which race and class combine to determine social class.

Elves are often viewed as second-class citizens by humans, while human nobles are treated with respect.

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