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The members of the Institute fell in love with the beer, and thanks to this endorsement and the originality of the whole project, the doors of the press and of shops and restaurants started to magically open.Xingu became known as one of the world’s best beers and is now increasing its line with the introduction of new styles., always looking for excellence.The trip had been motivated by an article Alan had written about the origins of beers in the world.In his research, he had found written records dating from 1557 about a black beer produced in the Amazon rainforest with corn and manioc and fermented naturally.After driving over a thousand kilometers on highway BR 116, also known as Rodovia da Morte (meaning Death Highway), I arrived at the small mountainous town of Caçador, in Santa Catarina where the warm Mr Pressanto greeted me with great hospitality.His brewery, even if somewhat shabby, was inviting and captivating, like a wonderful little museum: Set in the hills of the small countryside town of Caçador, it was run by an old ship’s boiler in molten steel, the malt roasting in a hand driven steel drum slowly rotating over burning logs, the beer resting in traditional Czech ceramic-covered horizontal tanks.They were Alan Eames, writer, specialized in beer history and anthropology, and his wife Anne Latchis, of Greek descent, owner of a traditional hotel in the mountains of Vermont, in the United States.They had just been in an expedition into the Amazon rainforest, having come to Brazil in an adventurous trip in search of a lost beer.

It is a very well balanced beer, with subtle aromas and personality.Caçador’s brewmaster studied Alan’s research on Amazon beers and after some experimentation finally developed a delicious and very original brew based on the fusion of Brazilian native and European-born cultures that I immediately sent to Alan.Alan had booked a meeting set at the much looked after and prestigious American Culinary Institute of New York for a formal presentation of the beer, participation without a second thought.Having failed to raise the interest of Brazil’s large brewers in this small and apparently off-track idea, Alan and Anne needed help.I was immediately attracted to the concept, and offered my help and else except practicing Law, a career I had recently abandoned.

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Xingu is a sophisticated session pale lager, at the crossroad between the best craft and continental lagers.

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