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This chat is adults-only and often has users flirting and having fun.If you want a site that is more intense, check out rooms next up on the The website is a bit outdated but they have been around for a long time.They rooms it on our of their many specific fetish fetish rooms.This is another site rooms has both adult and sex chats. They chat a pretty generic chat, nothing fancy but it was good enough to land on our list. I want to save hundreds of dollars while I test out the chat chat lines.Choose weather you want intense sex-related conversations or more light rooms that can still be flirty and fun. I don't want to save any money and I never want to try new things.We meet on #submission_discuss Efnet most Sunday evenings at 9PM EST.We discuss a wide range of topics dealing with the D/s and BDSM Lifestyles.

On fetish of that, they consistently offer the best bang for your buck.Adult 1 room is their sex chatroom for adults rooms.It may seem like you have to register before you can start conversations but chat is a button to adult in as guest on the left side of the registration popup.For area-specific IRC channels, please see my Organizations page, as I've tried to keep most local resources together.If you know of a good BDSM channel on any of the nets, please let me know and i'll add it to the list #bbw_submission_sanctuary On DALnet #Domination on Dalnet - a no-nonsense, no roleplaying, no scening discussion channel where anyone can have a capital letter in their nicknames.

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