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Closet Maid systems offer attractive and affordable storage products to help organize everything for the laundry.

Vidjeli smo romantične, barokne i veličanstvene kreacije.

For two weeks I’ve been in search of a wider table that I could devote solely to my laptop and related ‘tech’ items.. When I first arrived I only had one small table which served as my work-center, dining table, food-prep location and general place to just put stuff when walking in the door. But everywhere I looked for a table it was either over-priced, too small or already damaged. and I spent some time in the hammock that is strung beneath the shady branches of several mango trees just beyond my front porch.

Today I found just the right table at the marketplace and set it up solely for my tech/work space. The only time getting more ‘stuff’ is worthwhile is when it serves a good purpose and this simple item.. Now I can actually keep the blender and rice cooker constantly plugged in on the other table.. I swung there lazily, looking up into the varying, cool colors of green leaves above me and just enjoyed some time doing absolutely nothing for about 45 minutes or so.

I think the same applies to starting a new life with a foreign country.

Prior to arriving and up until recently the big question in my mind was, “What could go wrong?

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