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I believe in displaying/cataloging only high qualty images and would rather have no image available than a poor quality one. Future updates to the Turner checklist will be made on a monthly basis at the end of every month. This latest version now includes T-Shirts featuring Turner images.

Additionally, a tidbit on the method to my organization madness for the site. 2 #7 Retailer Incentive Variant Fathom Vol.1 (Aspen Comics) • Fathom Vol.1: Definitive Edition TPB • Fathom Vol.1: Definitive Edition Dust Jacket HC Aspen LE 1000 Fathom Vol.3• Fathom Vol.3 #2c Retailer Incentive Cover • Fathom Vol.3 #2d 2008 Baltimore Comic-Con LE 1000 • Fathom Vol.3 #3c 2008 WWT VIP Limited Edition UPDATED : Added Covers: Mercenaries #1a Mercenaries #1b Mercenaries #2 Mercenaries #3 Mercenaries TPB Over the next couple of weeks I'm really going to try to update some much needed sections. The following items were added to the checklist in this latest update: DC • Superman/Batman #10 • Spider-Man/Red Sonja #2 Aspen Comics Exclusive Fathom Vol.1 • Fathom #1 Jay Company Exclusive Color Gold Foil Logo LE 500 • Fathom #1 Jay Company Exclusive Sketch Gold Foil Logo LE 500 • *Fathom #12 Cross Over Tour Book Museum Edition LE 25 • *Fathom #9 Museum Edition (Straw Hat) LE 25 • *Fathom #10 Museum Edition LE 25 • *Fathom #11 Museum Edition LE 25 Marvel • Daredevil #100 1:2 Variant Tombraider • *Tomb Raider #17 Museum Edition LE 25 Witchblade • *Witchblade #10 Museum Edition LE 25 • The Art of the Witchblade (Turner WB Cover Gallery) • Witchblade T-Shirt (Black) – Cover to Witchblade #4 • Witchblade T-Shirt (Black) – Witchblade #25 page 15 & 16 (Sara Pezzini on Rooftop) Many thanks to Neptune27 for his feedback on the checklist! Please note that there are many T-Shirts (both Fathom and Witchblade) that are not included on this version of the checklist simply because I was unable to track down any Top Cow t-shirts in my research efforts at this time. Almost a year later but here is the lastest version.

Michael’s work got me into comics, defined what a comic book could be, and personally I feel raised the bar to a level others will only dream of achieving.

He leaves a base of fans spanning the globe that adore his work and will find a void that will never be filled.

While I am just a fan in the eyes of any passerby, I would count Michael a friend, for he certainly went above and beyond to extend what could only be felt as a personal connection to me and every other fan he met.

Gotham will return with an all-new episode on Thursday,…New Krypton trailer features Superman’s Cape Syfy has released a new Krypton trailer it has labeled “Legacy” and it features Superman’s cape!

Set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s home planet, Krypton…Detective Pikachu movie adds Suki Waterhouse The live-action Detective Pikachu movie adds another name to its already impressive cast list in the form of Suki Waterhouse.

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