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Which goes with my usually not writing canon, because canon's been done and I prefer to write something different and something that could let me be unique, original, creative, and generally allow me to go out of the box and do something to challenge myself.My inbox is full of PMs that just keep coming and piling on top of each other.And something to challenge myself like that is that I prefer to write 'age differences' stories, yaoi/slash (yes, I am a proud fujoshi), again -strange pairings (I love trying to make them work), AU's and/or what if's, mental/physical disorders and/or trauma, reverse!Which is ironic, considering this is a reading site -I warn you, so you don't have the right to complain.I will also have challenges/prompts hosted there, so take a look once that's been posted.Felicity Dream Fanfics wix website = streamlined for just fanfiction, reading needs.Google Hangouts IM: [email protected] live sex chat shoes.I want to know you and to be there to support you as much as you will let me.

Please try to not clog my inbox asking for updates.I must say I love panties and I love panty lover phone sex.Im a pretty dirty girl and I have no limits live sex chat shoes.As the princely Nemo, captain of the infamous Nautilus submarine and sensual pioneer, you will submerge into unprecedented depths of lust.Wet adventures and hot secrets lie in wake around every corner.

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