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After Gaby's father died, Gaby's mother, Lucia Marquez, remarried to a man named Alejandro Perez.They were happy, but when Gaby was fifteen, he came into her bedroom and sexually assaulted her. With that, Gabrielle left home at the age of fifteen to New York where she met a photographer that she seduced.At first she was bored and unhappy, which led her to act out, including doing something extreme with a teenager, but eventually the sense of friendship and family overwhelmed her, and Gabrielle found her happiness on Wisteria Lane, raising a family with the love of her life.Gabrielle Marquez was born in Las Colinas, Texas, on December 8, 1976.Whenever she would visit him, her mother would tell her that her father didn't want to see them sad - he only wanted to see them happy - so every time they visited him in the hospital, the whole family would smile for him. However, she thought he was merely sleeping and so she carried on smiling all night.Gabrielle had believed her whole life that she would not have to try hard as she was pretty.

Gaby developed friendships with such people as Heidi Klum, David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi.Gabrielle attends the wake of Mary Alice Young with her husband, Carlos Solis.On the way, Carlos tells her to casually mention how much he paid for her new diamond necklace, but Gaby refuses and the two argue.Gabrielle and Carlos moved to Wisteria Lane to live happily ever after and, on their first day of moving to the Lane, Gaby is seen after sex when her neighbors walk in, and it is clearly an embarrassing moment.Gaby was tired of unpacking and inquired the help of nine-year-old Eddie Orlofsky, to whom she developed a friendship with as he did chores around the house.

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  1. Quick now has to 'stay 100 yards away from Chloe and have no contact with her, her mother and her brother.'The order comes after it has been revealed that Moretz and Beckham - have rekindled their romance for the second time in September.