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(I am inclined to agree with this, but as you will see later on, there are ways to use PSP that actually comply with the MVC model.) Bad as it may be, millions of PHP users show a clear demand for this style of programming — developers are having success implementing sites this way.The inclusion of PSP in mod_python was rather unexpected.These variables, therefore, can be used without assigning a value to them first. This can be a very useful feature, although it presently carries the limitation of complicating debugging because it throws off any correspondence of original line numbers to the line numbers in the resulting Python code.They are: object, which will generate session cookies and turn on session locking ensuring that each unique session can only have one active request to this page at a time. As I already mentioned, the PSP parser produces no errors.This only works when Most *SP's only support the mode of operation where the code is inlined in a web page referred to in the URL.

Bad PSP will simply result in bad Python, which will cause compilation errors from the Python interpreter.Inlining Python in HTML is a subject of some controversy.Some people consider code inside HTML a bad programming practice, since it utterly violates the Model-View-Controller paradigm by placing the application logic inside the presentation layer.The thorny issue of indentation is addressed by making the last indentation in effect "stick" throughout the HTML that follows it, with a recommendation to use meaningful comments to make code more readable, for example: The above code snippet also demonstrates a subtle syntactic difference introduced by PSP — the indentation of last line of code matters even if it is a comment.The PSP syntax also introduces a small gotcha: condition is false. Its only minor limitation is that it takes more space (e.g., three lines to terminate a block), though some will consider it a feature.

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