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My recurring fantasy, through this period, was to have been born a woman, or a gay man, or best of all, completely asexual, so that I could simply devote my life to math, like my hero Paul Erdös did.

Anything, really, other than the curse of having been born a heterosexual male, which for me, meant being consumed by desires that one couldn’t act on or even admit without running the risk of becoming an objectifier or a stalker or a harasser or some other creature of the darkness.

One thing you learn quickly in the dating advice business: some topics are more or less evergreen.

And with the recent explosion on social media, it’s a good time to talk about one of my favorite topics: Nice Guys.

Scott Aaronson is quick to remind us: he’s a feminist.

He I live in a world where feminists throwing weaponized shame at nerds is an obvious and inescapable part of daily life.

By looking for information without context to you get results that are unhelpful at best and terrifying at worst.

After all, what better way could we ring in a new year than by looking at some old issues?

But first, some context: Over the last week or so, I had several people forward me links to this comment from MIT Professor Scott Aaronson’s blog about growing up as a nerd terrified of women and trying to be a Nice Guy and how this meant that nerds couldn’t be keeping women out of STEM fields.

Whether we’re “mouth-breathers”, “pimpled”, “scrawny”, “blubbery”, “sperglord”, “neckbeard”, “virgins”, “living in our parents’ basements”, “man-children” or whatever the insult du jour is, it’s always, always, ALWAYS a self-identified feminist saying it.

Sometimes they say it obliquely, referring to a subgroup like “bronies” or “atheists” or “fedoras” while making sure everyone else in nerddom knows it’s about them too.?

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