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The character model's position, expression -- phone at arm's length, slightly angled, the selfie-expression open, bewildered, positive -- was perfect. I don't belong to Rockstar Social Club, the social network membership required for me to be able to save photos, but I took it anyway, pretending Franklin could show his unhinged friend Lamar back home, the one who claims his "Apache blood" forces him to escalate dangerous gangland conflicts. This game gives me everything, and yet I can't stop feeling sad. You killed every gyrating bunny in a dance club because you could: not just because there was a freshness to the gesture, a newness, a transgressive excitement, but because the garish world felt so silly, so impermanent. These were the times GTA felt illicit, rebellious, guilty, challenging.I had to confide about the prostitutes, because I'm one of the people who said I thought it would have been better if GTA V let you play as a woman, and that I thought the game was misogynistic. When Vice City came out, we had a young man doing heists and punching upward against expectations, misconceptions and the traditional boundaries of "permissible" game content.Where is the "satire" when the awful parts no longer seem edgy or provocative, just attempts at catch-all "offense" that aren't honed enough to even connect? Everything it seems you'd want to compare GTA to, from The Sopranos to Breaking Bad, includes interesting and antagonistic women. Anna Gunn gets death threats for her incredible performance of Skyler White, the primary antagonist to Breaking Bad's Walter. This isn't something even TV and cinema regularly knock out of the park. It is so big, and so beautiful, and it's fundamentally just another GTA. If you squint a little, it almost looks completely real, creepy-real. Here's a series that has been creating real, meaningful friction with conventional entertainment for as long as I can remember, and rather than push the envelope by creating new kinds of monsters, it's reciting the same old gangland fantasies, like a college boy who can't stop staring at the Godfather II poster on his wall, talking about how he's gonna be a big Hollywood director in between bong rips. You can't avert your eyes from their scenes in this last season. Whenever cinema and dialogue start happening on GTA V, I check Twitter. It approximates the absurdist fantasies futurists have always had about video game, it is like what a movie about the future thinks video games are. I still feel that way, but it's not because I'm offended, or because I'm sensitive, or because I want to intervene upon anyone's vision, or because I regret the things I did in older games. It's more than a decade later, and we have all grown up, and we're given an old man shuffling around his expensive pool in a dorky polo, doing the same heists. I remember old Grand Theft Auto: You're driving around, and you see a car you've never seen before, and it looks expensive, and you want it.And when you fight for it and you shake the cops and you bring down the helicopter and you repair and re-paint the car, and you finally, wincing every tiny turn, drive that fucker to your garage because you worked for it? In GTA V you shoot down a police helicopter within the first couple of hours, with no consequences. I start the game with a gorgeous car because I am a car "reposesser." And if I see another car I want, I pull over and I get it.

With all the talk about "open world," "mayhem," and "power fantasy," it's easy to forget how confining the Grand Theft Auto series now feels: All of that endless vista, and you with your eyes too-often glued to the mini-map."Information isn't about imparting knowledge anymore," gloats Bleater obtusely, "the internet changed all that." This is watching your sharp, witty father start telling old fart jokes as his mind slows down. It's like an SUV through a glass storefront, declaring that you cannot ignore video games. And as much as the internet is habituated to defending GTA as "satire," what is it satirizing, if everything is either sad or awful? All a video game had to do to be seen as brave, edgy, risk-taking again would be to give it a shot: Try to write a monstrous woman, a frustrated woman, a hungry, opportunistic woman, and treat her frailties with nuance. We can't help but acknowledge what Rockstar has wrought: No one has ever seen a game world this size, this lifelike. Orbiting missions and objectives that dot your map like bites to be scratched. For a game defined by its attitude to freedom and openness, it gives you very little liberty to escape its structure.You can go for a drive, or play tennis or do yoga, but you're delaying the inevitable.

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