I am dating my therapist

It's not as simple as a 36-item questionnaire, but it works.

Before you can make a relationship work, you have to figure out what made all your old relationships not work.

When you run into relationship conflict, then, it's vital to ask yourself why this person is displeasing you — is it something concrete he or she has done or not done?

Or is it that you expect your relationship to be perfect and your partner to effortlessly fulfill your every whim without you having to communicate exactly what that whim may be?

There are four categories for each partner: his or her good points during the relationship, his or her bad points, your good points, and your bad points.

I told her to be as honest and detailed as possible.

Tami's parents rejected her when she came out to them at age 16.

" and, "For what in your life do you feel most grateful?Communication — real sharing — is the best offense against self-destructive defenses.It took time and patience, but gradually Tami quieted her brain, began confiding fears to her new partner, and experienced an emotion she'd never experienced in a relationship: safety.also that just because I feel needy doesn't mean I don't also need to be giving." Eating junk food harms our bodies.That may not stop us from devouring hot fudge sundaes and Big Macs, but at least we're aware of the risks.

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