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In addition, this project has important cultural management objectives, namely the active participation of the local community, which includes: transmitting the knowledge of Khmer culture and the value of this heritage to the local villagers, persuading the villagers who own archaeological objects from the site to store them in the museum and cooperating with involved institutions and stakeholders, such as the village chief, the head of the commune, students, lecturers and villagers to involve them in the maintenance of this important site.

In its mission to build the capacity of young Cambodians engaged in research, the Center for Khmer Studies is proud to have been the principal funder of this project.

Only achieving its UNESCO status in June this year means you might have a chance at avoiding crowds, but its wild, mystical beauty ensures it won’t stay a secret for much longer. Location: 30km north of Kampong Thom, Cambodia On a crest in Takeo Province about 55km south of capital Phnom Penh, Hindu temple complex Phnom Chisor predates Angkor by around 100 years.

From its elevated position, the site has a pretty stunning view of the rice fields below, especially as you ascend the 412 stairs of the main temple.

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Son Soubert and the team was headed by Project Director, Phon Kaseka, and Co-Project Directors, Phon Cheakosal and Phlong Pisith.

The 11th century monuments may have that crumbling character that Cambodian sites are famous for, but there’s plenty of intricate brickwork intact and ready for your admiration. Location: 65km south of Phnom Penh, Cambodia Just 40km east of the Angkor complex, Beng Mealea is certainly worth the short detour.

Once completely concealed by jungle, the moat-encircled site is the kind of place where exploration is so tempting and lucky for visitors, it’s somewhat encouraged.

While caretakers will happily point you to places where stone scrambling is allowed, we suggest you look with your eyes, not your hands (or feet).

And those magical scenes of ramshackle ruins clutched by centuries of twisted, hungry tree roots?

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