People who want to sex chat on skype

You will receive a blackmail phone call or skype call asking money to deposit in their Bank Account or via Western Union Money Transfer.If you fail to send money, they will threaten you to upload the naked video of you in the fake facebook profile and send request to all your facebook friends.What's more, the invitee doesn't need a Skype account to do so.Clicking on a shared link can employ Skype on the web as a guest, but it'll still offer access to messaging and both video and voice calls.Learn here, if you want to take down the fake facebook account how to delete fake facebook profile.Above picture is the list of victims and i have to hide their name and some part of the images.The old Facebook blackmail SCAM is back but with some twist this time.Beware and Alert your facebook friends about this worst nightmare.

The moment you see the video clip, photos posted on your friends news feed that you have newly got request from, make sure you report to facebook.There will be a screen recording apps running on their end, which records all your nude performance.Also Read, How to Hide Friends List in Facebook from Friends and Everyone?As you can see they have uploaded the video mentioning it as SEX VIDEO SCANDAL and another shocking news is, they update new profiles and victims every day.They target anyone with facebook profile, but so far mostly students are their easy targets.

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They fear for their family and friends knowing about their private videos so they mostly send the money asked by these scammers.

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