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Next we will analyze spatial expression of all known neuropeptide genes using ISH, fluorescent immunohistochemistry and targeted expression of green fluorescent protein.

We aim at detection of neuropeptides in the central and peripheral neurons and in the endocrine midgut cells in larval, pupal and adult stages.

Develop an effective action plan to address the problem of understanding biological patterns of symptoms associated with induction of colony collapse.

The basic objective of the project is the involvement of various international scientific teams to solve the problem causes the collapse of tsetse fly colonies in large mass rearingg facilities used for SIT (sterile insect technique).

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A preliminary approach to conservation perspectives The distribution and genetic population structure of most species were greatly affected by the climatic cycles during Pleistocene glaciations.

Specifically, in the selected sites in West Africa.- Another aim of the research project is the research of the safe transport of pupae and sterile males, establish safe conditions for long-term transport to West Africa- Creation of a standardized monitoring of transport conditions during long-term transport of tsetse flies- Cooperation with the entomologists of the FAO / IAEA at the information exchange to improve breeding and transport conditions of pupae and adult male tsetse flies The main idea of the project is to build up a backup colony of tsetse flies Glossina pallidipes, which will serve to provide the mass rearing operations of tsetse flies in STEP in Kaliti, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The basic objective of the project is:- Build up a backup colony of tsetse fly species Glossina palpalis gambiense to provide a large quantities of sterile males, which will be gradually released in the areas with occurrence of sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in cattle.

Ticks are important vectors of pathogens that cause animal and human diseases.

The most of tick-bornediseases are characterized by the phenomenon of natural focality.

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