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Curcumin is one of today’s most exciting dietary food supplements, impressing scientists around the world with its remarkable multiple clinical applications, health benefits and as a disease fighting agent.Nearly 700 studies from all around the world confirm the remarkable properties of Curcumin. BCM-95 has been scientifically proven to be the most efficient and effective way to supplement with Curcumin.Black cohosh is a plant that is native to the eastern part of North America where it has remained an incredibly popular herbal remedy, dating back hundreds of years to a time when its use was prolific amongst Native Americans.Though the perennial plant is large and complex in appearance Perhaps one of the best known herbal remedies, St John’s Wort refers to a flowering plant that once was found in limited quantities in Europe although is now prolific through much of the world including The United States, China, Russia, the Middle East and more Many people are used to seeing sage in their spice cabinet or using it in cooking, but few are aware of the fact that it’s actually a woody, evergreen shrub that boasts purplish-blue flowers in a towering cascade.One of the best-known uses of yarrow historically was reducing the bleeding from serious injuries and battle wounds.It’s perhaps this usage that gave way Echinacea is a flowering plant that is also commonly referred to as “cone flower.” They grow mostly in North America and boast brightly colored flowers during the summer.“With the trend of drinking vinegars on the rise, we aim to drive innovation and find more ways to help consumers live healthier lives with the best ingredients,” said Bill Moses, CEO and co-founder of Ke Vita.“Ke Vita’s sparkling tonics are a trifecta of functionality with cleansing apple cider vinegar, the natural digestive support of probiotics, and deliciously functional ingredients, like turmeric and ginseng, making them the ultimate functional value on the market.” An age-old elixir, apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy dating back to 400 B. With a recent resurgence amongst health-seeking consumers, Ke Vita has transformed the taste and use, bringing the first sparkling drinking vinegars to the modern marketplace.

This is why we have chosen to use the world’s market leading Curcumin in the production of Bio-Curcumin.

Joining an existing lineup of flavors, including Turmeric Ginger, Chili Ginger Lime and Cinnamon, the new flavors now total up six SKUs in the Ke Vita Tonic line.

Ke Vita uses only the purest possible ingredients and pairs age-old techniques with modern technology to provide the best quality, flavor, and functionality in the market.

a concentrated source of silica, oatstraw strengthens, balances p H and soothes as an emollient for irritated, itchy skin.

considered sacred by the ancients, rosemary oil moisturizes skin and provides nutrients for stronger, healthier nails.

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