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I won’t even sleep with my husband until his screening comes back! His words “Her parents were home.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! You best believe I’m gonna take this man for all he has!!!

She was pimped out for a while, she was hooking up and having random sex with random guys she had just met! Shes “27” pimps herself out and still cant make enough money to move out?! Crystal Mason Bien is not only banging, but is living with my girls husband!

She seeks attention and complements constantly and doesn’t care if she were to ruin a marriage or family.

She wanted to enter in to a sexual relationship with my husband but he stopped that from happening.

They would video chat and text and call each other while he made excuses to come home late from work or he couldn’t speak with me.

You are very destructive and now that he has dumped you I hope you feel even just half of the pain, sorrow and hurt that I felt all these years. You slept with my husband in my home and I have the video to proof it. Go fix your own damn marriage and leave my husband alone. Not only has she slept with him, but she has slept with almost EVERY male (and tried some females) at their work!

Not only that, but one of the wives came and confronted her while she was working!!!

He also told me that a couple at work had a threesome with her and she would not stop harassing them so they were FORCED to relocate!

She continues to think my husband is still wanting her even AFTER he’s told her to leave him alone. I asked my husbands nasty a$$ why he didn’t go to her place!

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Even know that Omar and his wife are currently going through a divorce process Bc of his affairs, OMAR still begs his wife to forgive him and take him back even with this other child on the way in a few months.

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