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The Sex, Safety and Security study has been polling buyers of sex and makes fascinating reading.The study, which initially conducted 855 surveys and 24 in-depth interviews in 2009, is being updated to cover another 1251 surveys and 18 in-depth interviews with the results due to be published later this year.He notes that the later survey includes more questions about the nature of buying sex and client experiences with sex workers."The reason we went more deeply into this was because the results of my 2009 study really indicated that relationships were much more complex and multi-faceted than we had been led to believe," he says.

What the Merseyside police have done since 2006 is to categorise any reports of violence against sex workers as hate crimes.But there must be something in the water right now as Woman's Hour gave over an entire segment to promoting the 'Swedish Model' of criminalising the men who buy sex on last week and has dedicated lots of airtime this week to prostitution.Meanwhile on Radio 4's Today programme Labour MP Gavin Shuker called for crackdowns on the 'kerb crawling' customers of sex workers.However, most stories of cyberbullying have centered on the experiences of women and teens, and reports of these incidents are unusual in professional contexts. “These were seasoned professionals.” Betenbaugh was fired by Edward Jones in February 2016.And according to reports, Gundersen has spent the last several years embroiled in lawsuits to clear his name.

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