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The disease became curable in the 1940s when penicillin and other antibiotics were introduced.

Since then, the medical world has created more new drugs that killed the ever-mutating gonorrhea bacteria.

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Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that has been known since medieval times.

Sometimes known as ‘the clap,’ the infection can result in painful sores and genital discharge, and is associated with ectopic pregnancies and sterility in both men and women. Utah saw a 74 percent rise in gonorrhea cases in 2012, with the trend continuing into the first few months of this year.

While earlier reports stated that the drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea was discovered in Hawaii in 2011, doctors were able to cure the young woman who contracted the infection using alternative treatments.

In a briefing on Capitol Hill last week, William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition for STD Directors, urged Congress to target nearly million in immediate funding to conduct an education and public awareness campaign. Arnold Pang, of the National Coalition of STD Directors, said that the FDA is now working to encourage the development of treatments for serious or life-threatening infections caused by bacteria.

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