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Eighth Street was to run from Sixth Avenue in the west to Third Avenue and the Bowery to the east.

There are several open front markets that sell sunglasses, clothing and jewelry. [it] is for the wanderer, the undecided, the lonely, and the promiscuous." Under the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, a city grid for much of Manhattan was defined.

I worry that I’ll never have sex again if my tear caused some weird abnormality. Not to be too TMI, but I had an episiotomy scar as long as your right arm. He should be there reassuring you, not insulting you and blaming you for his abuse. You have an amazing body that just pushed out an amazing kid.

I feel unlovable and have a body that doesn’t seem to be my own with stretch marks and flab. Here comes another cupcake with sprinkles he likes better!

The first statues and busts of the Buddha were made in the Gandhara (now Kandahar) region of modern-day Afghanistan.

Many statues and busts exist where the Buddha and other bodhisattvas have a mustache.

I spoke to an attorney and she told me those are my rights. I don’t want him to have more visitation than that and I was told overnight stays won’t happen until my baby is three years old. You are lovable, you are sexy, you are worthy of being cherished and respected.

" data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="wp-image-1895 size-medium" title="Richards Packaging (Pic courtesy of Irena Shein)" src="https:// alt="Richards Packaging. Marks Is Dead), Ada Calhoun called the street "like superglue for fragmented identities" and wrote that "the street is not for people who have chosen their lives ...These were factors in the street's commercialization in later years.In the Pali Canon a paragraph appears many times recording the Buddha describing how he began his quest for enlightenment, saying: So, at a later time, while still young, a black-haired young man endowed with the blessings of youth in the first stage of life—and while my parents, unwilling, were crying with tears streaming down their faces—I shaved off my hair & beard, put on the ochre robe and went forth from the home life into homelessness.After examining the cult of the Buddha image in India, Gregory Schopen concludes that followers of Mahāyāna at this time played little to no role in introducing statuary and other physical depictions of the Buddha.

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These 32 major characteristics are also supplemented by another 80 secondary characteristics (Pali: Anubyanjana).

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