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With many of its recent cameras, Sony has achieved the miniaturization of technology and functionality traditionally reserved for bulkier DSLRs and the like. Sony has somehow managed to cram a high-res electronic viewfinder, a Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm F2 lens and the same full-frame 42MP BSI CMOS sensor and autofocus system from the a7R II into a coat-pocketable body.For many photographers that probably sounds like a dream come true, but as you might expect, there have been a few compromises along the way.Between the continuing evolution of the RX100 and a7-series', Sony is on a big roll when it comes to tech.And in this case, 'small' doesn’t mean 'insignificant'.

For example, when you compare the two cameras’ resolution and high ISO performance using DPReview’s image comparison tool, the differences, though noticeable, don’t seem all that dramatic.

Though it sits above the RX1R II in price and offers a wider lens, a lot of photographers will see them as natural competitors - at least in spirit. The camera allows me to change aperture, speed, iso, has a good AF, a good VF, a good tilting screen. :-)Yeah, my comment was perhaps a bit extreme, lol.

What I find frustrating about this camera is that it's so good in some ways (resolution, dynamic range, low light performance, autofocus, video, portability) but so frustratingly and unnecessarily bad in others (poor ergonomics, inscrutable menu system, terrible manual focus control, inability to save MF settings in a preset.) Sure, it gives you the option to control myriad functions and settings, but doing so is so unintuitive and inefficient that I suspect most RX1R II owners rarely take advantage of all that control.

The menu system, in particular, I find inexcusable, since virtually every other camera maker has a better-designed menu and Sony has not demonstrated any interest in improving theirs.

For some users, these drawbacks will not be a big deal. OK, so, is anyone else seeing what I AM SEEING on this review?

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