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Other must see sites, all just blocks apart, include the Market Square (16th-19th centuries), Kornyakta Tower and the citadel.Don’t miss the opportunity to see Lviv from above, by venturing up to the High Castle Park, all the way to the top of Vysoky Zamok tower.Occupied for centuries thereafter by Poles and Austro-Hungarians, the city is just 70 kilometers from the Polish border, making Lviv a perfect stopover for any trip planned to Poland.Due to its history, the city’s architecture resembles medieval European towns, such as Poland’s Krakow and the Czech Republic’s Prague, more than any other place in Ukraine. The ‘old city,’ located in downtown Lviv, is dominated by cobble-stone streets, each with its own unique mix of three-story buildings and churches of various styles and from various centuries.If you decide to venture up the mountain from Verkhovyna region, Pop-Ivan peak, home to an old Polish observatory, is a good choice.Picturesque Kryvorivnya village, which also stretches along the Cheremosh River, was a popular resting place and a source of inspiration for Ukrainian writers and historians, including Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Kotsyubynskiy, Mykhailo Hrushevskiy and Lesya Ukrayinka.Further down the road is Yablunytsya village, located high up on a plain with a spectacular view of Ukraine’s highest peaks.Not far away is the famous town of Verkhovyna, where the Hutsul culture has been strongly preserved.

Ancient customs, legends and fairy tales still flourish here.It was also the setting for the cult movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors,” made by the legendary Soviet film director Sergei Parajanov in 1964. You can visit a small museum dedicated to the movie with artifacts preserved by the local enthusiasts.Further towards Romania one finds the secluded Burkut and Zelene villages, famous for their mineral water springs.If you want to enjoy Lviv like the locals do, just wander all day from one cafe to another and sit for hours chatting with friends.Lviv is famous for its coffee-shops, confectionaries and restaurants.

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